Office Policies, Appointments and Forms
Chest Medicine of Cullman-
Pulmonary and Sleep Disorders Clinic
Office Policies

We attempt to stay on schedule to keep you from waiting. If you are waiting 15 minutes or
more past your scheduled appointment time please notify the receptionist immediately.
Please do not be late for appointments.  We appreciate your patience for the occasional
emergency which may delay your visit.  

If you cannot keep an appointment please let us know immediately so others can be seen
and keep our waiting time down.  If you fail to show up and do not cancel, you may be billed
for that time.  

no perfumes or colognes

Please no cell phones

Limit one guest in the exam room with each patient.


Dr. Warner or a qualified internist is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer
emergency calls.  After hours emergencies should call 911 or
256-737-2000 and ask for the
covering physician.  We will not discuss a patient's case with anyone but the patient*.

Phone Calls and Prescription Refills:

Phone calls will be returned by the medical assistant as soon as possible.  Telephone lines
are open from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday - Thursday.  

Regarding refills, we request that first you verify with your pharmacist that there are no more
refills available.  Telephone requests for refills should be made Monday - Thursday directly to
our refill line at
(256) 737-8077.  Have your pharmacy phone number available.  Because we
need your chart to refill most medications, routine refills will
not be phoned in after hours or
on weekends.  Refills will not be authorized for patients not seen in the last twelve months.

Hospital Affiliation:
Cullman Regional Medical Center

Insurance and Billing:

Our office will file many insurance claims for your convenience.  Copayments are expected at
the time of service.  Payment plans may be arranged for patients based on need.  Questions
regarding insurance we accept or your bill should be directed to the billing office at


(Please click here to access the full document for details)

A.        We have a legal duty to protect health information about you.

B.        We may use and disclose Protected Health Information (PHI) about you without your
authorization in the following circumstances:
1.        We may use and disclose PHI about you to provide health care treatment to you.
2.        We may use and disclose PHI about you to obtain payment for services.
3.        We may use and disclose PHI about you for health care operations.
4.        We may use and disclose PHI under other circumstances without your authorization
or a chance to agree or object.
5.        You can object to certain uses and disclosures.
6.        We may contact you to provide appointment reminders.
7.        We may contact you with information about treatment, services, products or health
care providers.
8.        We may contact you for fundraising activities.

C.        You have several rights regarding PHI about you.
1.        You have the right to request restrictions on uses and disclosures of PHI about you.
2.        You have the right to request different ways to be in touch with you.
3.        You have the right to see and copy PHI about you.
4.        You have the right to request a change to PHI about you.
5.        You have the right to a listing of disclosures we have made.
6.        You have a right to a copy of this Notice.

D.        You may file a complaint about our privacy practices.
Instructions for all NEW PATIENTS:

1. All new patients must print and complete
New Patient Form. Please bring this with
you, along with all your medications and any
medical records you need to show us on your
first appointment. (If you have not been to the
office in more than 3 years, you are
considered a new patient and must also fill out
this form.)

Sleep Disorders patients will need to
print and complete the
Sleep Disorders
in addition to the New Patient

3. All Patients who have had a
sleep study
performed by anyone other than
Dr. Warner must print the
Release Form and
send it to the other sleep lab
before your

3. You will need
Adobe or another PDF
reader to get these forms. If you do not have
Adobe you can download it for free by clicking
the link to the right.
What do I need to
bring with me to my

1.Before you come
please log on to your
patient portal.

2. Please bring all
completed paperwork
(new patient and sleep
questionnaire if
applicable).If you have
had a previous sleep
study performed by any
doctor besides Dr
Warner YOU must get a
copy and bring it with you
on the day of your
appointment. If you do not
have the opportunity to
complete the paperwork
before your first
appointment, plan on
arriving at least 30 min
before your appointment.

3. Bring
bottles or an
accurate list of all your
current prescription
and over-the counter
inhalers, eyedrops and
"herbal remedies", etc.

4. Bring
copies of all
recent X-rays,  and
CAT scans.
Your doctor
may have sent a copy of
report but we need to
see the actual
you can get these
to us by bringing films on
Release Form (to get
old sleep studies)